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17th May 2022
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The UK has its fair share of famous house numbers, and addresses that are synonymous with their residents. 10 Downing St, 221B Baker St, and 4 Privet Drive just to name a few. New research looks at house numbers and reveals which are the most popular and the highest-selling house numbers in each region across the UK.

In order to establish which house numbers were more valuable and how much additional value they could add to your property, Paving Direct conducted an analysis of the Office for National Statistics’ Price Paid Index, which includes information on all property sales in England and Wales and what they sold for

According to the data, the most valuable house numbers all landed in the triple figures with the top 50 most valuable house numbers all in the triple figures.

No.680 was the most lucrative house number in the UK by quite a significant amount, with the average price a whopping £904k, this was £541k more than the average UK.

Over the past year, the City of Bristol was the city/town with the highest average selling price in the UK, with houses in this city selling on average for £367k. 1100 houses were sold in Bristol over the past year with no.208 being the most valuable with an average selling price of £993k.

The City of Kingston-Upon-Hull had the lowest average selling price, with houses selling on average for around £128k. Over the past year, 409 houses were sold in Kingston-Upon-Hull. No.412 was the most valuable house number in Kingston-Upon-Hull last year, with an average selling price of £488k.

Merthyr Tydfil in Wales was the only city/town in the UK to have a single figure house number as the most valuable house number, with the house number 4 selling on average for £204,277.78 with a +34.8% difference compared to the average house price in Merthyr Tydfil.

Most Valuable House Numbers in Each County/Region

Interestingly, none of the most valuable house numbers in each region is a single figure.

The research revealed Windsor and Maidenhead came out top with the highest average selling price of £654k. In 2021, 548 properties were sold in Windsor and Maidenhead, with No.102 the most valuable out of all of those. No.102 had a whopping average selling price of £1,020,000.

It is no surprise that Greater London made the top three, ranking second, with houses last year selling on average for £650k. 3237 houses were sold across Greater London last year with No.399 being the most valuable selling on average for £2,267,750.00. In third place was Surrey with an average selling price of £597k. The most valuable number in Surrey is 241 which sold on average for £237,250.

County Durham came out with the lowest average selling price of £135k, £228k less than the UK average. The most valuable house number in County Durham is no.179 which sold on average for £253k.

North East Lincolnshire had the second-lowest average price of £149k, with the most valuable house number no.119 which sold for an average of £364k. Tyne and Wear followed in third with an average selling price of £178k. No.229 was the most valuable house number on average with a selling price of £317k.

Other interesting findings from the research:

No.3 is officially the best-selling house number in the UK with houses with door number 3, selling 2,421 times over the past year

Lower numbers are more popular when it comes to buying and selling houses but they tend to make less profit

The best number to live at to sell your house is no.200, homes with this number were sold the most out of all house numbers which sold higher than the UK average. Number 200 homes were sold 100 times in the past year and also had an average selling price of £369k, almost £6k more than the UK average.

The most expensive transaction in 2021 was a number 39 property. This was in Kensington and Chelsea, London, and was a detached house that sold for £38 million. Greater London saw more properties sold than anywhere else in the UK followed by Greater Manchester and Surrey.

The top 6 areas in the UK that sold the least properties in 2021 were all in Wales with Merthyr Tydfil selling the least amount of properties last year with only 191 properties being sold.

Cass Heaphy, digital director at Paving Direct, comments: “If your house number failed to make the cut, rest assured there are many other things that can impact the value of your home including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, off-road parking and location size. Following the pandemic we found a lot more people making the most of their outside space, gardens added a lot of value to homes.

"If you are looking to add value to your home through your garden whilst also making the most of your outdoor space with family and friends, check out our paving slabs which are designed to help you create better outdoor seating areas and stunning patios and pathways.”

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