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For Sale 414
15th January 2021

Anxiety surrounding the pandemic, the effects of lockdown and yes, our old friend Brexit, have seen demand for housing tail-off during the last three months of 2020. However, despite these impacts,...

burglar 7
15th January 2021

It seems that even burglars are adhering to the latest lockdown rules as theft rates see a fall of 7%, according to the latest data and analysis from MoneySuperMarket.

To Let 690
14th January 2021

Despite stong demand for rental properties across the whole of the UK, increases in property prices in many regions of the country are impacting on their rental yields, according to newly released...

Brexit 613
14th January 2021

Despite the property market (and virtually everything else) remaining under the cloud of the pandemic, Brexit and its implications for the UK remain crucially important.

For Sale 313
14th January 2021

It's a bit of an understatement to say that selling a property is stressful. The potential costs and time invested can weigh heavy on the minds of those who are in the process and, if you're buying...

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