My Auction and Bamboo merge to form Rocket Auctions

Rocket Auctions, a newly formed subsidiary of the Bamboo Group, will offer estate agents the ability to sell properties by online auction through Bamboo’s technology platform.

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15th March 2024
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"Joining forces and forming Rocket Auctions creates a new powerhouse in the world of property auctions and I am thrilled to be part of this venture"
- Stuart Collar-Brown - My Auction

My Auction has merged with Bamboo Auctions to form one of the largest online auction providers in the UK.

Following the merger, agents will be able to manage the auction process from start to finish, with additional help and support of qualified auctioneer, Stuart Collar-Brown, who moves across to Rocket Auctions and takes on the role as the Group’s first in-house auctioneer.

Bamboo Auctions is an online property auction marketplace that provides white-labelled online auction technology to estate agents and auctioneers across the UK. As part of this network, Bamboo has over 1,000 estate agent branches that currently use their white-label auction service.

Bamboo Auctions Group will now have over 1,100 estate agent partners, with Collar-Brown bringing agents from My Auction across to join the platform. In his new role, Collar-Brown will also help to further build the estate agency network, working closely with estate agents to help promote auction best practice and ensuring that auctions are recommended in the right situation for the correct reasons.

Collar-Brown will also teach buyers how to read and understand legal packs, navigate the bidding process and guide buyers and sellers through the process.

Robin Rathore, CEO, Rocket Auctions, said: “Bringing My Auction together with Bamboo to form Rocket Auctions as an additional service to our customers, will help estate agents sell more properties. We have a shared ethos to make auctions fairer and more accessible to all, and Rocket Auctions will lead the way in education when it comes to property auctions.

“I’m particularly excited to be working alongside Stuart in the Rocket Auctions team; his expertise and enthusiasm for auctions will be a benefit to both Bamboo and our estate agent partners. This year is going to be an exciting year for the Bamboo Group and we’re looking forward to breaking new records, introducing new technologies and continuing to deliver and improve our customer-centric services.”

Stuart Collar-Brown, founder and director of My Auction, said: “Joining forces and forming Rocket Auctions creates a new powerhouse in the world of property auctions and I am thrilled to be part of this venture. My goal for auctions has always been to bring integrity to the auction process.

"In 2020, I joined the Propertymark NAVA Advisory Board to promote best practice in our profession and to ensure anyone recommending auction to a seller is doing so with the right intentions and with full knowledge of the pros and cons of a sale by auction.

“The merger gives us access to over 1,100 estate agent branches in the UK which allows us to have a much larger impact on the world of auctions. I’m excited to keep spreading the good word and helping clients who need to find a solution to whatever problem they are facing in the current market.”

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