Strong proportion of landlords remain positive about BTL

Sentiment among UK landlords remains broadly upbeat according to a newly released survey from Landbay, who report that while challenges remain in the sector, 46% of respondents say that they are positive about the future prospects of their buy-to-let business and investments.

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13th March 2023
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"Landlords play a critical role in the wider housing mix in the UK, with one-in-five households in England and Wales relying on rented housing"

According to the findings of Landbay's new survey, of those who were positive, the strongest sentiment was found among landlords with 11-20 properties, with 41% feeling optimistic. Meanwhile, 26% of landlords with a portfolio between 4-10 properties shared the same feeling.

When giving their reasoning, respondents highlighted high occupancy rates with continued demand and strong rental yields. Others argued that sound management and good service will continue to separate landlords, with new regulations and tax changes impacting new entrants more than the established landlords.

While only 19% of landlords feel negatively about their business, 35% remain neutral, stating general uncertainty in the market, government interference and negativity towards landlords as key concerns.

The Landbay survey also asked landlords for their thoughts on the UK economy. Almost the same number of landlords (44%) felt positive about its future and expect it to bounce back.

The aim of the survey is to identify the key issues facing landlords and to establish their opinion on the future of the buy-to-let market. In addition to business and economic expectations, landlords were asked about their plans for their properties or portfolios, for rent and for remortgaging.

Paul Brett, managing director, intermediaries at Landbay said: “It’s certainly encouraging to see a strong proportion of landlords remaining positive about the future prospects of both their business and the UK economy. After all, landlords play a critical role in the wider housing mix in the UK, with one-in-five households in England and Wales relying on rented housing.

“As a lender to the buy-to-let market, we’re incredibly positive about the future of the sector and remain driven to support our customers through a diverse product range. Whilst some may still feel unsure based on the current uncertainty and government policy, there are still plenty of reasons to be optimistic. Not only are lenders like us ready and willing to lend, but tenants across the country are ready to rent.”

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