Private tenants receiving greater security from their landlords

Private renters are enjoying greater security in their homes than at any time over the last decade according to new official data.

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Warren Lewis
28th January 2020
Tenancy 800

The Government's recently published English Housing Survey for 2018-19 revealed that the average length that a private-sector tenant lived in their current rental property was 4.4 years, up from 4.1 years in 2017-18. This is the highest average length of time tenants were staying in their current homes over the last decade.

With growing numbers of families with children now reliant on the sector for a home, the figures show that the market is responding by ensuring tenants remain in properties for longer periods of time, enabling them to establish roots in a community.

John Stewart, Policy Manager for the Residential Landlords Association, said: “The vast majority of landlords who do a good job welcome good tenants staying in their properties long-term and today's figures bear this out. They clearly refute the picture some create that landlords spend all their time looking for ways to evict their tenants and it is time to end this scaremongering.

The market is meeting the ever-changing demands on it without the need for legislation. It is vital that the Government continues to support and encourage this with pro-growth policies that support good landlords to provide the long-term homes to rent to meet the ever-growing demand.”

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