How can agents and landlords improve their offering for older tenants?

Warren Lewis
11th September 2019

Letting agents and landlords can benefit from adapting the service they offer to cater for a growing number of family renters and older tenants living in the private rented sector, according to agent and tenant service provider,Tenant Shop.

The firm notes that renting is now the choice of tenure for a wider cross-section of the population, rather than just for young professionals saving for their first home.

According to the most recent English Housing Survey (EHS), the proportion of private renters aged 55-64 was 9% in 2017-18, up from 5% ten years previously.

Meanwhile, the previous year's EHS documented a 1.8 million rise in the number of family tenants over a decade.

Various other studies and research in recent years have also revealed an increase in the number of middle-aged renters, with or without children, as well as older people renting for lifestyle reasons.

Glenn Seddington, managing director of Tenant Shop, said: "More people from all demographics are choosing to live in the PRS for the long-term. This is due to a number of reasons, including the flexibility and affordability it offers.

This development has provided agents and landlords with the chance to work with new age groups and those that cater to older tenants and family renters within their service offering can reap the benefits."

What are older tenants looking for?

Older tenants or middle-aged renters will be looking to work with agents and landlords who provide a reliable and comprehensive customer service.
As well as being able to use efficient and easily navigable online communications processes, they'll also be keen to meet in person or speak on the phone when necessary.

Seddington explains: "Older tenants may also be looking for insurance products to protect their most valuable belongings and their families, and an alternative way to access the utilities market.

By working closely with our agent partners, we have been able to support them further following this shift in market activity. And those that always like to be at the cutting-edge of the trends and lead the way with customer service are understood to already be yielding results.

How can agents and landlords help family renters?

Meanwhile, family renters are likely to be very busy, spinning various plates to try and get everything done on time. Therefore, when it comes to renting a home, they will be looking for a low-stress and hassle-free service from property professionals.

Seddington continues: "Tenants with young children are more likely to be under financial pressure, so they will be looking to keep bills down through introductory offers and deals when it comes to utilities.

Agents who can make key introductions, as well as providing expert advice on things like contents insurance, can start to build long-term relationships with these tenants who will become the buyers, sellers and landlords of the future."

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