What does this button do? - Majority of Brits struggle with their home appliances

Warren Lewis
16th October 2018
Smart Home 777

Us Brits love gadgets. Look in almost every home these days and you'll find a dizzying array of technology designed to make our lives easier. But does it?

A recent survey of 1,015 UK adults carried out by, has shown how an overwhelming 61% of Brits said that they can’t work all of their home appliances.

According to the stats, 39% reveal they search on the internet when they are looking for help or advice on how to work their home appliances, while 26% admitted that they turn to their family.

Perhaps even more surprisingly, just 8% said they use the instruction manual to figure out how their household appliances work.

The survey also quizzed Brits on how to work home appliances and revealed how 32% believe that household appliances in standby mode use no power. Another common thing that Brits revealed is that they don’t know how to use more than one setting on the washing machine, with more than a quarter of the votes (27%). Furthermore, 1 in 4 confess that they don’t know the difference between the oven and the grill.

21% of those surveyed admitted that they don’t know how the temperature switch works on their fridge. Not knowing how to work any of the attachments on a hoover (14%), rounded off the top five list.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at comments: “Despite the advice available on how to use home appliances, there are still many of us who don’t know how to work all of them correctly. The research shows how there are many common misconceptions surrounding how household appliances work – an example of this is many of us believing that appliances in standby mode use no power.

Instead of not knowing how to use all of our home appliances, we should pull on the help around us from instruction manuals to friends and family. By doing this, it will mean that appliances can be used correctly and to their full ability, so it is really important that Brits understand how to work all of their domestic gadgets.”

The data also revealed that men are the most likely to not know how to work all of their home appliances, with 64% of the votes.

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