Change in home improvement budgets for 2018

Warren Lewis
29th January 2018

The latest research from home improvement service marketplace looks at exactly what improvements homeowners are planning to spend money on in 2018 compared to 2017.

Like previous years, interior decor will be one of the most popular areas for home improvements. 19% of homeowners will invest more in decorating compared to 2017. This is certainly an important part of any home; it is no secret that a fresh coat of paint or roll of wallpaper can reinvent a room or even make it seem brand new.
The second highest scoring areas for increased investment were bedrooms and gardens with 17% each. Living rooms came in third with 16%, while kitchens and bathrooms reached joint-fourth with 15%. Only 14% of respondents said they would be spending more on flooring, followed by 12% for lighting and just 9% for smart appliances.
Stephen Jury, Plentific spokesperson, said: “Interior decor leads the way for increased budget this year, along with improvements to the garden. Lets hope we have the weather this summer to enjoy the investment!
It’s no surprise that people want to improve their homes - it’s one of the most sought after perks of owning, after all! Still, with the market the way it is, homeowners will need to think seriously about their reasons for investing in different parts of their property if they’re looking to sell in 2018."

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