Cost revealed to be the main factor behind renters remaining uninsured

Go.Compare Home Insurance looks at the main reasons why uninsured renters haven't taken out contents insurance.

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16th May 2023
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"Renters only need to worry about protecting their belongings, so they can purchase a contents-only policy"

According to newly released data from Go.Compare Home Insurance, 53% of all renters have a contents insurance policy compared to 93% of homeowners, with cost cited as the number one reason for not taking out a policy.

39% of renters said that contents insurance was simply too expensive for them. 36% stated that they didn’t purchase cover because they felt they wouldn’t need it.

While price was the primary factor for renters, many uninsured homeowners share the same view. 29% told the insurance comparison site that contents cover is too costly, and a third decided against properly protecting their possessions as they didn’t think it was necessary.

Homeowners are also more likely to forget about contents insurance altogether. 8% of uninsured homeowners say they simply forgot to take out a policy, compared with just 5% of renters without cover. Some also admitted to not protecting their property as well as their possessions. Of those who decided against buildings insurance, 13% said they didn’t think they’d need it, 8% said it was too expensive, and 6% simply forgot to purchase cover.

The primary reason for not taking out contents insurance:

I don’t believe I’ll need it: 33% homeowners - 36% renters

Too expensive: 29% homeowners - 39% renters

Where I live is safe: 14% homeowners - 9% renters

My possessions are already covered: 10% homeowners - 6% renters

I forgot to take out a policy: 8% homeowners - 5% renters

Too hard to claim: 6% homeowners - 5% renters

The findings come as part of new research on home insurance across the nation. After calculating the number of buildings and contents insurance policies in place, the report can also reveal that just 61% and 69% of households respectively have cover, leaving many unprotected.

Ceri McMillan, home insurance expert at Go.Compare, said: “While you hope you’ll never need to claim on an insurance policy, protecting your house and possessions from unexpected events such as fire, flood or theft is very important, as it ensures you’re not left out of pocket should any of these events occur.

“Although a lot of residents think home insurance is too expensive, there are ways to make it more affordable. Renters only need to worry about protecting their belongings, so they can purchase a contents-only policy. Our latest data shows that the average price for this is £74 per year, but it may be lower depending on your exact details.

“To make sure you’re receiving the most accurate quotes and not overestimating your cover, use our handy guide to calculate the cost of your possessions. Finally, compare quotes from multiple providers to find the best deal available to you.”

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