iam-sold Hammers Home a New Record

Warren Lewis
7th October 2014

iam-sold have been celebrating a recent victory with the latest result from the East Midlands Property Auction.

On 25th September, 17 lots went under the hammer at the Bentley Hotel in Lincoln, where all properties available on the night sold! This 100% achievement is the first for the iam-sold, setting a new company record.

iam-sold provide property auction services to estate agents across the UK and Ireland, joining forces to provide a variety of live auction events all year round. The great partnership iam-sold have with their agents has allowed the East Midlands Property Auction to achieve such a fantastic result at the latest auction, as well as all year round.

The East Midlands Property Auction exceeded expectations, with over 80 attendees and £2,296,200 worth of property sold on the night; the auction has been achieving over 82% on average in 2014. The auction featured properties that sold from £61,000 to £680,000, reinforcing the fact the Modern Method of Auction isn’t just for one type of property; it can achieve maximum value for a wide variety of lots.

Annette Barton, a vendor at the East Midlands Property Auction had experienced property auctions prior to the event, but as a buyer and many years prior when property auctions were very different from what iam-sold provide.

Her experiences of selling her property were very positive, commenting that she was ‘very impressed with the speed of getting it all settled, it wasn’t long drawn out with people putting in offers and then them falling through. We wanted a quick solution.’ The Modern Method of Auction guarantees security when selling a property, so a vendor won’t have to worry about issues that may occur if they were to sell through the ‘normal’ method of sale. Annette Barton also commented ‘We were kept informed of progress all the way along which was useful and helpful. We also enjoyed coming to the actual auction!’

Auction Manager, Iain Allison is very pleased with how the auction is progressing: ‘An absolutely fantastic result. Setting a new company record sets a very high standard to live up to in future events. A challenge we are more than up to!’

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