Would you swap your current property for your childhood home?

The latest research by lettings and estate agent, Benham and Reeves, has revealed that many homeowners could be tempted into a house swap depending on what was on offer.

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23rd February 2023
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Despite more than half of UK homeowners believing that they have found their dream home, an overwhelming 85% would swap it to return to their childhood home.

Aside from the 85% of those surveyed who would happily sell up and move back to where they grew up, the research also found that 36% would also jump at the chance of a house swap if it meant ditching the UK for their favourite foreign country or holiday destination.

While no one truly knows what the future holds, 28% also stated that they would take the risk and swap their current home for a house in the future.

However, just 15% would be willing to house swap in order to return to a previous period in history, while just 8% would like to swap their current home to live in a house, or on the street, from their favourite TV show.

Marc von Grundherr, Director of Benham and Reeves, commented: “Our childhood home tends to form our first bricks and mortar memories and for most, these memories are fond ones of times spent with loved ones.

"So despite the majority of UK homeowners believing they have found their dream home in the current market, it’s hardly surprising that a high percentage of them would give it up to return to their family home from yesteryear.

"It’s not unheard of for such an occurrence to actually happen, neither is a move abroad particularly out of the ordinary, but the desire to trade in a modern day home and gamble on a home of the future is perhaps more bizarre.”

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