School related road names commanding 91% price premiums

As the sound of the collective sigh of relief from millions of parents slowly fades away during the first week back at school, new research reveals why there may be another reason to celebrate schools, for some homeowners at least.

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8th September 2023

A sought-after school catchment area can help boost house prices but living on a school-related road name could also see you sell for as much as 91% more than the national average.

That’s according to the latest industry insight from eXp UK, the platform for personal estate agents, who analysed sold price records for over 500 property sales to have completed so far this year with school-related road names.

The research shows that roads with headmaster in the name - such as Headmasters Row in Shropshire - have seen homes sell for an average of £575,000 so far this year - 91% above the current national average for England and Wales.

Book-related road names have seen property prices average £501,000 in 2023, some 66% higher than the national average.

Other school-related road names with above-average property values include Playground (+39%), Chalk (+27%), English (+23%), Primary (+11%), Backpack or Satchel (+10%) and Test (+10%).

Not all school-related road names are as popular though. Homes sold on library-related road names - such as Library Mews in Herefordshire - have commanded an average sold price of £257,250 so far this year, 15% below the national average.

Sold prices on School and teacher-related road names have also lagged below the national benchmark.

Head of eXp UK, Adam Day, commented: “Who knew that simply living on a school-related road name could see your home command dramatically more than the national average?

"Roads with headmaster in the name sit top of the class when it comes to house prices on school-related road names, while perhaps more fittingly, those with library, school and teacher don’t perform quite so well.”

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