Oh crepe! Pancake themed properties carry 24% premium

Warren Lewis
13th February 2018

It's Pancake Day! And as you would expect, hybrid estate agent,, has decided to highlight the 17 streets in England where people who love pancakes can buy property and unite in a neighbourhood with other crepe enthusiasts.

Emoov has found a number of pancake related property options for aspirational buyers with a sweet tooth. However with an average price of £350k, they will have to pay a pancake premium of 24% more than the average house price across England.

The 5 Most Affordable:

Blueberry Avenue, Manchester

Average Price on Street: £100,695

Topping the list with the most affordable price tag, look to Blueberry Avenue where there is an average property price of £110,695. Any pancake aficionado knows that adding blueberries to pancakes is both a healthy and appetising treat, especially when it costs £181,189 less than England’s average.

Cream Street, Sheffield

Average Price on Street: £118,319

A pancake is never complete without delicious condiments. Cream Street in Sheffield is the second most affordable street with an average value of £118,319.

Lemon Grove, Bordon (Hampshire)

Average Price on Street: £127,000. Keeping with the theme of pancake toppings, Lemon Grove follows with an average property price of £127,000.

Shrove Pass, Gateshead (Tyne & Wear)

Average Price on Street: £146,500. With price jumping up slightly, Shrove Pass in Tyne and Wear has an average property price of £146,500, but still well below the English average.

Cocoa Yard, Nantwich (Cheshire)

Average Price on Street: £182,065. The perfect compromise for both chocolate and pancake lovers is Cocoa Yard in Cheshire, which averages £182,065 for property.

The 5 Most Expensive:

Honey Bottom, Newbury (West Berkshire)

Average Price on Street: £970,415. There are also options for the more premium crepe loving crowd. Honey Bottom in Newbury offers the most expensive property values at an average of £970,415, which is almost triple that of Newbury (£391,839).

Sugar Lane, Macclesfield (Cheshire)

Average Price on Street: £860,651

Honey Bottom is followed by Sugar Lane, with a not-so-sweet average property price of £860,651.

Fruitlands, Eynsham (West Oxfordshire)

Average Price on Street: £548,7730. At a much lower price and healthier topping is Eynsham’s Fruitlands, where the average property value sits at £548,730.

Strawberry Valley, Dartmouth (Devon)

Average Price on Street: £455,586. Staying in the fruit family, Strawberry Valley in Dartmouth has a £455,586 average property price.

Pancake Lane, Gloucester

Average Price on Street: £422,519. Finally comes Gloucester’s Pancake Lane, which is the ultimate crepe lover’s street name. At a much lower cost than Honey Bottom and just over £300k higher than Blueberry Avenue, Pancake Lane has an average property value of £422,519.

Russell Quirk, founder and CEO of, had this to say: “Who knew that there were so many streets across England with names associated with Pancake Day? Although it’s unlikely anyone would invest in a property solely because of their love for pancakes, those that are thinking about it would have to pay 24% more than the average house price in England. ”

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