Cash buyers on the rise

Warren Lewis
4th November 2013

Despite it being more difficult to obtain a mortgage since the 2007 housing market crash, residential properties were still more often bought with a mortgage, rather than with cash.

However, this year it has arisen, thanks to data from, that cash buyers outstripped mortgage buyers in four out of the past twelve months.

This is a significant statistic given that at no other time while this index has been recorded have mortgage sales dipped below cash sales.

Donna Houguez, Market Analyst at explains:

“A rise in the return on investment levels of buy-to-let and a drive to purchase before the market rises again has led to those people with cash reserves available using them to buy property outright.

"Looking to the future, I think this is a great index for measuring the success of the Help to Buy scheme as if it is successful, we should see a noticeably larger proportion of properties being bought with mortgages again.”

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