Can a door number affect the sale of your home?

According to available data, across the UK during the past year, some 1.19m homes were sold.

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1st April 2020
Door number 333

When it comes to selling a home, many of us would agree that updating internal factors – such as revamping and renovating certain rooms, would certainly help to speed up the process and improve your chances of a sale.

However, could external factors that are out of your control also help?

New research from Boiler Plan takes a look at the selling data of 1,000 UK properties to reveal the best-selling door numbers, street suffixes and even locations. Do you live in one of the lucky homes?

Odd-numbered properties are worth £30,258 more than their even counterparts

Boiler Plan’s research uncovered that homes with odd numbers sold for an average of £290,664. However, those boasting even numbers reached an average of just £260,406 – a staggering difference of £30,258 (12%).

Unlucky number 13 sells for more than the UK’s best-selling door number

Number 1, 5, 11, 9 and 6 may be the most-sold door numbers in Britain, but number 13 certainly isn’t unlucky as you might think.

The average price of properties sold with the number 13 is £298,416 is £15,075 more than number one – the UK’s most sold house number. Unfortunately, the average price of number one properties was £283,386.

What’s more, the number 13 is, in fact, the tenth best-selling house across the UK, with 2% of homes boasting the digit. Zoe Kenworthy, Director of Sales and Lettings at Patrick Oliver, said: “We have found that sometimes superstitious numbers such as 13 in the UK, can have a negative impact but we've never found it prevents a property from being sold.”

#1 is the most sold house number in Britain

For those living at number one, it’s time to celebrate. Boiler Plan’s research found that 4% of the properties sold in the UK in the past year featured the number.

If you live at number 6, you can rest easy in second place. House numbers 5, 11 and 9 landed in third, fourth and fifth place respectively.

Single-digit house numbers can sell for £34,073 more than triple-digit numbers

Those with single-digit homes could see their properties sell for £34,073 more than houses with triple digits, according to Boiler Plan’s analysis.

Triple-digit homes sold for an average of £239,427 in the past year, whereas single-digit houses reached an average of £273,500 – a 12% difference.

The same can be said for double-digit numbers. On average, double-digit properties sold for an average of £268,593; £4,907 (2%) less than single house numbers.

The street suffix ‘Road’ is 43% more likely to sell in the UK

Boiler Plan analysed Land Registry data to reveal the most sold street suffix names.

‘Road’ took first place, with 43% (328) of properties sold across Britain in the previous year featuring ‘Road’ in their name. ‘Close’ was the second most sold street suffix, with 103 (14%) houses boasting Close in the name.

‘Street’, ‘Avenue’ and ‘Lane’ took third, fourth and fifth place respectively.

However, it’s bad news for those living on a street boasting the suffix ‘Pleasant’. Only one house sold with the street suffix ‘Pleasant’ of the 1,000 homes analysed.

London, Bristol, Nottingham, Leeds and Manchester saw the most sold properties in the past year

London claimed the top title of most homes sold, with 11% in the capital. However, the average price of those homes sold reached a huge £1,005,790 – a huge £655,467 more than the average cost of houses sold in Bristol.

Bristol, however, took the second spot with 3% of the 1,000 properties sold analysed located in the city. The average price paid was £350,323. Nottingham had the third most sold homes, costing an average of £102,836.

So, perhaps the key to selling your home could be door numbers and street names after all.

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