The Property Finance Roadshow hailed a success

Warren Lewis
17th October 2017
Property Finance Roadshow
"We will continue with our educational programme throughout 2018 across the whole of the UK so keep a look out – it would be great to see you on the road"

The Property Finance Roadshow, a new event designed specifically for landlords and property professionals, has been hailed a success after its first tour.

The events, which over four days visited Rotherham, Manchester, Reading and Solihull, were designed in collaboration with industry expert, Property Checklists pioneer, and LBC Radio regular Kate Faulkner, as a medium to bring together property professionals and lenders in a format that enabled them to discuss their portfolios, learn about new products and provide solutions to challenges in today's property industry.
Held between 9am and 2pm, the roundtable discussions proved a hit with the landlords as it not only gave them a chance to discuss their individual needs but to also share knowledge with other property professionals. And as if that wasn't enough, breakfast and lunch were provided before a networking session ended the day.
James Lucas, Director at Barcadia Media, said: "Our role in the industry as the leading landlord and investor publisher, is to inform and educate. These free educational events are a great opportunity for professionals to meet experts and gather information to help them make better, informed decisions.

We will continue with our educational programme throughout 2018 across the whole of the UK so keep a look out – it would be great to see you on the road.”

Vanessa Warwick, Landlord and co-founder of , attended the Reading event with the Property Tribes camera.
“Free and impartial events such as these are a valuable resource for educating landlords and bringing them up to speed with the latest financing developments.  They also provide an interface to meet directly with lenders and other landlords for knowledge sharing.
The timing of the roadshows was particularly judicious due to the recent embedding of the second phase of the PRA.
It gave landlords the opportunity to speak direct to lenders to understand their “take” on the new affordability rules and see if they matched the lenders’ client profile.
It also gave attendees a chance to mix and network with other landlords and share experiences and knowledge, which is beneficial to landlords who often work in isolation.
At the event, I was introduced to three lenders I hadn’t previously heard of and was interested to learn about their proposition and the “space” they operate within the sector.
This kind of information can potentially help landlords move forward or give them avenues or strategies to do so, when they previously thought they were “stuck”.
Overall, the event was very well run, the lenders were very generous with their support, and any landlord who attended would feel that it was a very good use of their time not to mention a bit of a “vitamin injection” to keep them motivated and moving their business forward in what are undoubtedly challenging times.
I believe further Roadshows are planned for 2018 and I would urge all landlords to take advantage of the event and spend a productive morning working on their business, not in it!”.

Dates for The Property Finance Show 2018 will launch soon and will be announced on

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