Rents rise in April as market remains steady

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3rd May 2022
Rent Up 551

Rents in England saw another modest rise during April from £1,006 to £1,012, continuing a buoyant streak for the market, according to ot the latest analysis from Goodlord.

This was matched by another rise in tenant incomes - with the month setting a new record for take-home pay. Voids, however, rose slightly during the months, as the pace of deals cooled in some regions.

All regions monitored saw an increase in prices of up to 1%, apart from the Northern regions.

The North East saw a larger increase in the cost of rent - with prices up by 2.34%. The North West, however, was the only region to see a drop in the average; recording a 1.6% decrease.

Tenant incomes continue to hit new records

As prices creep up, so do salaries - reflecting the pressure on employers in a competitive labour market. In April, the average annual salary of a tenant living in England rose from £29,549 to £30,044 - a 1.7%. This means the current average is yet another Index record - the highest figure recorded to date.

Unsurprisingly, renters in London earn the most - taking home £44,920.38 on average. In comparison, those in North West (the only region to see a rental cost decline this month) earn the least - £24,403.69 on average.

Year on year, renters are now earning 16% more than they did at the same time in 2021.

Voids inch up despite busy market

It was a less dramatic month for void periods in England, with increases recorded in every region monitored. The average void period for the country in April increased by 3 days - up from 16 days to 19.

The biggest shift was seen in the North West - where a rise of 37% was recorded (up from 16 days to 22). This was followed by Greater London, which saw voids increase from 11 days to 14 (a 27% rise). London, however, still has the lowest void periods in the country.

Tom Mundy, COO of Goodlord, comments: “The rental market continues to move apace. Rents are at the top end of what we’d expect for this time of year, but tenant salaries are keeping pace with this rise and continue to break records. And whilst voids have lengthened compared to March, all the signs point to a very buoyant market with a high demand for available housing stock.”

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