Landlords slam 'deeply worrying' Scottish housing policy

A campaign to challenge policies that are damaging the private rented sector in Scotland is picking up pace following a decision by the Scottish Government to develop a rent freeze and ban on repossessions in the private rented sector without proper consultation with stakeholders.

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6th April 2023
"Renters across Scotland are being hit by policies which undermine the supply of the very homes they need"

Landlords are being encouraged to back the campaign, led by a coalition of organisations from across the UK’s private rented sector, which launched an online crowdfunding campaign page to fund a judicial review of the Scottish Government’s policies.

The coalition is seeking to prevent the measures from being extended beyond the legal cut-off date of 20th September 2023. The campaign group includes the Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL), the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA), PropertyMark and Scottish Land and Estates (SLE).

The Scottish Government’s restrictions have been widely criticised. Most notably, Paul Stallan, who co-designed the Commonwealth Games athletes' village in Glasgow warned that they are “a blunt instrument” which is now “proving to be damaging” to investment in the homes to rent many people need.

The Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland has similarly warned that the rent cap will “undermine tenants’ housing outcomes”, by choking off the supply of homes available to rent.

Ben Beadle, Chief Executive of the National Residential Landlords Association, said: “Renters across Scotland are being hit by policies which undermine the supply of the very homes they need. It is deeply worrying that such damaging and short-sighted policies can be developed without proper consultation with stakeholders.

“I urge all those wanting sensible policy that works for both renters and responsible landlords to support the campaign.”

John Blackwood, Chief Executive of the Scottish Association of Landlords, said: “Our job is to stand up for our members and to represent their views.

“Over the years we have been able to do that in a constructive manner with the Scottish Government and, as a result, have secured changes which have improved the private rented sector in Scotland.

“However, arbitrary rent freezes and eviction bans discriminate against private landlords, reduce investment and harm both landlords and tenants, while making it harder to solve Scotland’s housing crisis.

“With pressure being placed on landlords by governments throughout the UK, now more than ever, landlords all over the country need to work together in ensuring our voice is heard.”

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