Landbay enabling faster BTL offer times with AVM integration

The buy-to-let lender has integrated automated valuation models helping to speed up offer times significantly following a successful pilot.

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22nd January 2024
Rob Stanton Landbay 923
"We’re very proud to be the first dedicated buy-to-let lender to integrate AVMs to enhance our offering and the speed of our service"
- Rob Stanton - Landbay

An AVM combines mathematical or statistical modelling with databases of existing properties and transactions to calculate property and rental values. Through its extensive pilot, Landbay has found that AVMs speed up the time to offer and are on average three times faster than a standard application and in some cases, an offer could be issued within 24 hours from the decision in principle.

AVMs are available on a new standalone range of five-year fixed-rate products, with a maximum property value of £750,000 at 70% loan-to-value. Rates start at 4.29% and are stressed at pay rate. The range also includes a variable fee structure for increased affordability.

According to the lender, using an AVM helps applicants save on average £500 as they do not have to pay valuation fees. In another example from its pilot, one client saved nearly £4,000 in valuation fees on their portfolio.

Rob Stanton, (pictured) sales and distribution director at Landbay, said: “There’s no question that in the current market, timing can make or break a deal. Brokers act with real urgency to support their landlord clients and there’s no reason why lenders shouldn’t be doing the same. We’re very proud to be the first dedicated buy-to-let lender to integrate AVMs to enhance our offering and the speed of our service.”

Joel Vinnicombe, head of product at Landbay, added: “Our extensive pilot ahead of the whole of market launch generated tremendous results, giving us the confidence that our AVM provides significant benefits such as speed to offer and lower costs to borrowers. We’re looking forward to working with our broker partners to support their landlord clients nationwide.”

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