Top tips to help your kids settle in their new home

Warren Lewis
4th May 2017
kids house

Hannah Pollard, Sales Director at Redrow Homes, shares her top tips on ways to make your children feel at ease in their new surroundings.

Moving into a new home is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful for children. The feeling of uncertainty in unknown surroundings can be daunting, so it’s really important to do everything you can to ease the pressure, distract the children and make them feel at home again as soon as possible.

Give them the grand tour

Before unpacking any boxes, take the children on a grand tour of your new home.  Let them switch on lights, open new doors and cupboards, and lead the way up and down stairs.  The tour will feel like an adventure and will be the first step to settling children in their new environment.
Hearty grub to fill those little tummies

Cook a favourite family meal on the first night – you could prepare this in advance and just heat it up. This will stir familiar emotions and feelings, and help the kids to relax in new surroundings.  A family dinner is also a chance to re-connect, communicate and discuss the new home together.
A good night’s sleep makes all the difference

If possible, try to set up the children’s beds in their new rooms as soon as possible. Disrupting the kids’ regular sleeping pattern will only add to the pressure, and the familiarity of their own bed and bedsheets will make the little ones feel more at home.

Add homely touches

Create a cosy, homely environment for the children with some nice touches such as soft toys, pretty storage boxes to declutter, or fairy lights to add a magical feel to a room.  It will make the space seem less sparse and much more welcoming and comforting.  
Decisions, decisions!

Let the children be involved in the decorating process; ask their opinion on paint colours and wallpaper, let them choose an item for their bedroom when out shopping and, most importantly, get them involved when it comes to the colour and theme of their own bedroom.  The process is exciting and the children will feel elated and proud!

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