Top renovation resolutions for 2020

Warren Lewis
19th December 2019

The New Year is hurtling towards us faster than you can say "I'll start my diet on the 1st and this time I'll stick to it".

Many of us will repeat similar lies to ourselves over the next week or so, hoping that some of it will stick. But if some of your resolutions are for your home, finally getting round to doing the extension or that much-needed kitchen update, then home renovation and design experts, Houzz, has 6 renovation resolutions to stick to and ensure your 2020 projects stay on track.

1. Get inspired. Before embarking on any renovation project it is important to get inspired and have a clear picture in mind of the end goal, as this will help you communicate better with your contractors and make design decisions much easier. Download the Houzz app to browse over 20 million photos of home interiors and exteriors to get you inspired, and use Ideabooks to make sharing ideas with partners or professionals a breeze.

2. Set a budget (and stick to it.) The 2019 Houzz & Home research highlighted that 36% renovators found that sticking to a budget was the most challenging element of a renovation, but buck that trend by creating a detailed budget, with a contingency fund ready for any unexpected issues that may crop up. Then, maintain a laser focus on your end goal and avoid being distracted by unnecessary items during the project. Hiring an experienced local professional can help with sticking to a budget, and they may even provide access to useful trade discounts.

3. Hire the right professional. Houzz research found that 92% of renovators had hired a professional to help with last year's projects, but with 36% stating that finding the right service provider was the most challenging part of the renovation, it is vital to do your research. Look at portfolios of work and read reviews to ensure you find the right professional who understands your needs and shares your vision.

4. Leave some room. Unfortunately, renovations don’t always run smoothly and unexpected issues may crop up; 20% of renovators on Houzz found that dealing with the unexpected was actually the most challenging part of their projects. Try to minimise the impact of any surprises by allowing room in your schedule and having clear communication lines with contractors.

5. Choose the right materials. Sourcing and ordering materials will be a big part of renovations and for 32% of renovators on Houzz, it was the most challenging aspect of the project. Ensure you are doing lots of research to find the right materials and use your contractors’ knowledge: they will have expert advice on how to use your budget wisely and where it may be worth saving or splurging. When ordering materials, remember that you will need to factor in wastage, this is generally 10%, but can be as high as 20% if you are using reclaimed materials.

6. Avoid indecision. During a renovation, there will be a lot of choices to make, but changing your mind during the project, or being unprepared and not knowing what you want, will cause delays and could blow the budget. Pre-empt decisions by being proactive with your designers and making decisions early. When renovating with your partner, something that 15% of renovators struggled with, ensure that you are both clear on what’s needed and are on the same page when it comes to decision making.

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