Opportunistic burglaries set to rise when clocks change

Warren Lewis
19th March 2018
garden security
"When the clocks go forward, we see an increase in opportunistic burglaries, as people relax their home security"

Homeowners are being urged to step up their home security as new research from Co-op Insurance found that burglaries categorised as opportunistic increase by 23% when the clocks go forward, which this year will fall on the 25th March.

According to the data, during British summer time, opportunistic thefts account for 37% of all break-ins. This is in stark contrast to the darker, winter months from October to March, where just 30% are described as opportunistic.

When delving into the days where people are most vulnerable, Co-op found that the majority of home thefts take place on Friday.

However, Sunday is the least common day for break-ins in the summer months, with 13% less break-ins occurring on this day. Furthermore, the Co-op found that on average, claims relating to opportunistic burglaries cost an average of £1,208.

Caroline Hunter, Head of Home Insurance at Co-op, had this to say: “When the clocks go forward, we see an increase in opportunistic burglaries, as people relax their home security.

Most people carry expensive, high-tech personal devices such as smart phones, laptops and tablets. Whilst it can be tempting, especially when the weather is warmer to leave windows and doors unlocked for long periods of time, it’s really important that such items are kept out of sight from opportunists.”

David Huse, OBE, chair of the Neighbourhood Watch Network, said: “Police records indicate that burglary is on the rise. Now, more than ever, people should do what they can to secure their home and possessions. Joining or starting a Neighbourhood Watch scheme is one way you can help reduce your own risk and support your neighbours to do the same.”

Top tips for deterring burglars:

1. Use strong padlocks to secure shed doors
2. Whilst away, ask a neighbour to check in or set lights to a timer
3. Keep windows and doors locked
4. Don’t share your whereabouts on social media
5. Keep valuable outdoor items such as a bike locked away

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