Majority of young homeowners lack confidence in their DIY skills

Warren Lewis
12th April 2019
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The latest research from Anglian Home Improvements has revealed that two thirds of 18-34 year-olds are wasting significant sums of money by getting a professional in to do minor jobs.

According to the study, there is a significant difference between generations, with some age groups far more willing to have a go at jobs themselves around the home. The younger homeowners, aged 18-34 years, were found to not feel comfortable performing a number of home improvements, from installing curtains to hanging pictures.

When it comes to painting, only 37% of those aged 18-34 years old are confident enough to decorate themselves. Less than a third (30%) will change their own light fixture and only 19% would be comfortable putting up a curtain pole or blind. Similarly, less than one in five (18%) would hang their own pictures and only 16% would build their own flat pack furniture.

This lack of DIY confidence is proving costly for young homeowners as the average cost of a painter and decorator is nearly £300 and getting a handyman to put together flat pack furniture for you will set you back around £70. The percentage of 18-34-year-old homeowners who admit they would get a professional in are paying an average of £102.20 for a professional to do one small DIY job.

The average prices for professional help to complete the top DIY jobs young people aren’t doing themselves are:

1. Painter and decorator (£296)

2. Handyman to build flat pack furniture (£70)

3. Electrician to change a light fixture (£55)

4. Handyman to put up curtain poles or blinds (£45)

5. Handyman to hang pictures (£45)

Costas Kariolis, Head of Digital Marketing at Anglian Home Improvements, said: “It’s really positive to see that so many homeowners are planning on carrying out home improvements this year, whether they’ll be doing it themselves or getting in the professionals.

Cost, time and confidence seem to be the main reasons people are more likely to pay someone to help around the house rather than make home improvements themselves. In light of this, we have partnered with various home experts and influencers to provide homeowners with useful and tips on how to save money on DIY projects.”

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