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Subsidence 100
21st February 2019

According to new data released by insurance expert, Consumer Intelligence, last year’s record breaking summer of prolonged dry weather and high temperatures is driving an increase in subsidence...

roof 248
19th February 2019

It's usually one of the last things we keep an eye on due to the 'out of sight, out of mind' mind-set, but a leaky, broken, or damaged roof can be a costly and timely expense to UK homeowners.

garden security
18th February 2019

The latest research from Tiger Sheds has analysed government data and revealed how many of us have had our sheds broken into and what precautions (if any) we are taking to protect our garden...

Spring Clean 555
6th February 2019

There's no denying it's cold at the moment. Usually the weather follows the news on TV, but when the the weather IS the news it's probably a good idea to put the BBQ on ice for a week or two (pun...

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