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Christmas gifts 305
30th November 2020

Christmas is a risky time of year when it comes to burglaries, with claims against home insurance policies soaring in the ‘darker months’ of the year. Opportunist thieves know homes are full of...

Smiley house 111
18th November 2020

Home interiors can drastically affect our mood and, as we settle into our second round of national lockdown this year, getting it right may be more important now than ever.

DIY 66
20th October 2020

During the height of lockdown, if you weren't baking bread or learning a new TikTok dance, you were probably making home improvements. In fact, Google searches for ‘DIY’ hit a 16-year high...

Doors 247
16th October 2020

Kerb appeal, the practice of presenting your home in its best light to entice prospective buyers to make a purchase, is a fine art. And it all starts at the front door.

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