Nationwide announce reduction on high-LTV fixed rates

Warren Lewis
30th November 2018
Nationwide 443

Nationwide BS has announced that, as of today, rates across its two, three and five-year fixed rate products will be cut by up to 0.30%.

According to the lender, two-year fixed rates at 95% LTV will benefit from the largest reductions, starting from 2.94% with a £999 fee or 3.34% fee-free.

Three-year fixed rates have been reduced by up to 0.15%, with the up to 60% LTV product now starting at 1.74% with a £999 fee and 2.04% with no fee. The Society's 95% LTV product starts at 3.44% with a £999 fee and 3.74% with no fee.

All five-year fixed rates have been cut by up to 0.15% and now start at 1.89% with a £999 fee and 2.09% with no fee at 60% LTV. Rates at up to 95% LTV now starting at 3.59% and 3.79% respectively.

Henry Jordan, Nationwide’s director of mortgages, said: “We are reducing rates across the fixed rate mortgage range, improving the competitiveness of our two, three and five-year fixed rate products and supporting those mortgage applicants with both larger and smaller deposits who are looking to ensure their longer-term payment security.”

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