Hodge announce enhancements to Portfolio BTL range

Property Reporter
21st July 2021
To Let 220

Specialist lender, Hodge, has announced this morning that it has made several changes to its Portfolio Buy to Let products, including raising the maximum LTV to 75% and increasing the LTV for multi-unit freehold blocks for up to 15 units to 70%.

Additionally, Hodge also revealed that it has introduced a variable rate product which will have a rate of 3.25% over the Bank of England base rate, offering an alternative to their five-year fixed-rate loan.

Mike Clifford, head of commercial propositions at Hodge, said: “Here at Hodge, we’re always keen to add to the flexibility of our products and develop them in line with what landlords and brokers are telling us.

“Our recent research into the market found that flexibility is key for landlords and brokers, with 40% of landlords saying that finding the correct mortgage is frustrating. We’ve listened to these concerns, and come up with some changes to our product range that will give landlords greater choice in how they shape their lending; making managing their property portfolios more straightforward.”

Mike concludes: “In particular, the variable rate PBTL option will give landlords the option to select a rate that will reduce their early repayment charges significantly in the early years of the loan, while the fixed-rate option offers certainty over their interest costs – allowing them to select products that are right for them, depending on what their investment strategy is.”

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