Fee-free remortgage range launched at Leeds

Leeds BS has announced today that it has extended its range of interest only mortgages with two new fee-free deals for remortgages.

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Warren Lewis
22nd July 2015
Leeds 1

The Society recently added to its existing interest only mortgages available up to 50% LTV by introducing part and part interest only mortgages up to 75% LTV, with up to 50% LTV on interest only and the remainder on a capital and repayment basis.

The two new fee-free deals are qa 2.29% two year fixed rate interest only remortgage up to 50% LTV, and a 2.49% two year fixed rate part and part interest only remortgage up to 75% LTV

Both remortgage deals come with free valuations for properties worth up to £500,000 and fees assisted legal services to further keep down the cost of switching.

Martin Richardson, Leeds Building Society General Manager – Business Development, said: “Since we introduced part and part interest only mortgages two months ago, the vast majority of applications have been for remortgages This is broadly in line with what we expected - we anticipated part and part would appeal in particular to existing interest only borrowers who had yet to make any progress paying down their original loan.

“This alternative offers them the opportunity to start reducing their outstanding capital without the payment shock they’d experience if they changed to a full repayment mortgage. This category of borrowers can include existing interest only homeowners who may be facing an endowment shortfall.”

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