CHL expands product range and reintroduces 5-year fixes

The specialist buy-to-let lender has expanded its CHL 1 product range with the addition of 55% LTV options and the re-introduction of 5-year fixed-rate products.

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8th March 2024
Ross CHL 623
"These additions have been made to help intermediaries better serve their clients' needs"
- Ross Turrell - CHL

The lenders' CHL 1 range offers Standard Buy-to-Let and HMO/MUFB products for individuals and limited companies. Following the changes, interest rates start from as low as 3.19% for the 2-year fixed, with the 5-year fixed starting from 4.67% - these are for Standard Buy-to-Let products up to 55% LTV with a 7% fee.

Interest rates for the equivalent HMO/MUFB products are 3.21% and 4.73% respectively.

Higher LTVs are available across the range, with 65% LTV products starting from 3.25% (Standard BTL) and 3.28% (HMO/MUFB); 70% LTV products from 3.35% (Standard BTL) and 3.37% (HMO/MUFB); and 75% LTV products from 4.54% (Standard BTL) and 4.55% (HMO/MUFB).

Product fees are available in 2%, 5% and 7% options.

Ross Turrell, (pictured) Commercial Director, CHL Mortgages, commented: “We are delighted to announce that we have expanded our CHL 1 product range by re-introducing 5-year fixed products and added new 55% LTV bands. These additions have been made to help intermediaries better serve their clients' needs.”

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