Advice for inventory clerks performing tenant checks during the outbreak

Warren Lewis
26th March 2020
Happy Tenant 367

With recent announcements from the government for everyone to “stay at home” unless its deemed ”essential”, there has been a lot of questions regarding the role of inventory clerks and whether tenant check-ins and check-outs are considered “essential work”.

Danny Zane chair of The AIIC has stated: “our property inventory reports are responsible for the safekeeping and returns of tenant deposits alongside enabling tenants to leave ending tenancies and check into and take possession of new homes. Since the government asked all UK citizens to “stay at home” it has become even more vital that we ensure that people leaving rental accommodation have a smooth transition into their new home, when this doesn’t happen we see potential homelessness and a rise in vulnerability. At the moment new tenancies provide new tenants with the safe space required to “self-isolate” in an already signed tenancy awaiting the move-in process. It is difficult to know if we are or will be included in the current list as an essential worker but we believe we are essential for the part of our housing market that is still carrying out move-ins.”

Zane also said: “We also want all our clerks and the public to remain safe and secure in these challenging times. There has been no income protection offered to freelance workers of which many in our profession are. This needs to also be urgently addressed.”

Inventory reporting not only keeps tenancies, the deposits and all parties safe from unscrupulous claims, it keeps the housing market moving with key handovers and check-ins and check-outs.

There are currently thousands of signed agreements with tenants needing to move in as well as tenants waiting to move out and prove how a property has been handed back via a 3rd party, unbiased AIIC member inventory clerk.

Zane stated: “We have called on the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to state whether they believe us to be essential in the current climate under the lockdown we are now in. In my opinion its safety first, safety is the priority”.

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