Barclays and British Gas to explore new ways to improve energy efficiency in the home

Barclays and British Gas have formed a new energy efficiency partnership that will focus on helping customers explore ways they could make their homes more energy efficient.

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25th April 2023
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Recent research from British Gas revealed that 51% of respondents said higher energy prices made them more likely to look at “installing energy efficiency products” in the next 12 months. Smart thermostats are a relatively low-cost home improvement that can help customers control their energy use.

Through this offer, Barclays UK residential mortgage customers can receive a Hive Thermostat Mini (including Hive Hub Nano v2.5) and professional installation for a one-off cost of £109.

The partnership is part of Barclays’ Green Homes Strategy and closely follows the launch of Barclays Greener Home Reward, which provides up to £2000 to Barclays UK residential mortgage customers who make selected energy efficiency-related home improvements, such as certain types of low carbon heating, double or triple-glazed windows, solar panels, and home insulation.

Barclays and British Gas have shared ambitions to help customers to live more sustainably, in a way that works for them and are exploring additional ways to support Barclays customers, with further announcements expected this year.

Nick Stace, Head of Sustainability at Barclays UK, comments:

“We want it to be easier and more affordable for customers to make their homes more energy efficient. Offering the Hive Thermostat Mini at a discount is one way we can do this for our UK residential mortgage customers, alongside our Greener Home Reward which provides a cash reward of up to £2000 towards the cost of making bigger energy efficiency-related home improvements.

“Through our partnership with British Gas, we are committed to helping customers explore ways they could save energy, save money and make greener choices.”

Andrew Middleton, Managing Director of Net Zero at British Gas, added:

“We’re excited to partner with Barclays in providing energy efficiency solutions to homebuyers. We recognise that many households are being cautious with their spending currently so want to make sure the right solutions are there for those who can make changes to their homes to lower their emissions and save on bills.

“Our expert teams and engineers are already installing electric car charging points, heat pumps and solar panels and improving the insulation of millions of properties around the country each day.”

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