Around a third of landlords still planning to expand their portfolios

32% of buy-to-let landlords who took part in the latest survey from Landbay say they intend to buy property in the next 12 months.

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27th October 2023
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"Despite the various pressures buy-to-let landlords are facing, there is still an appetite for further house purchases"
- Rob Stanton - Landbay

Despite persistently high-interest rates and uncertainty surrounding the government's long-term plans for the rental sector, Landbay's latest survey has found that roughly a third of buy-to-let landlords are looking to increase their foothold in the PRS.

78% of these landlords said they are building their portfolio with 38% citing an increase in the number of tenants and 34% are swayed by a potential drop in house prices.

The majority of those intending to buy are portfolio landlords with 44% owning 11 or more properties and 26% having between four and 10 properties. But smaller landlords are also looking to purchase with 30% owning one to three properties.

Turning to the regions, a higher proportion of existing landlords in the Midlands and the East of England (46%) said they were intending to buy another property in the next 12 months. This was followed by 39% in the North but just 23% in London and the South.

One in four landlords (25%) were undecided on their future plans although some said they’re not actively looking but if opportunities arose they might consider further purchases.

The survey found 43% of landlords were not looking to buy property with the main reasons being lack of funds, the rise in interest rates and government intervention including the Renters Reform Bill.

Rob Stanton, Landbay’s business development director, said: “Despite the various pressures buy-to-let landlords are facing, there is still an appetite for further house purchases.

"We know there is a big demand for rental property and this is one of the reasons landlords are actively looking to expand their portfolios.

"They are also keeping an eye on falling house prices and other landlords selling up.

“While it is true that higher interest rates are putting off some landlords, for others there are opportunities out there. This is more noticeable in the Midlands and the North of England, with the South, typically more expensive, proving less popular for property purchase.

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