42% of BTL landlords to expand portfolio during the next 12 months

Despite ongoing turbulence across the market and pressure intensifying for UK landlords, new market analysis from Landbay has revealed that 42% of respondents of a new landlord survey intend to purchase additional property in the next 12 months, with 79% of those intending to buy said they do not plan to sell any of their existing properties.

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26th January 2023
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The strongest intention came from landlords with larger portfolios, with half of all landlords with 11 or more properties planning to expand.

However, some landlords are prepared to wait until the market becomes more settled, with 21% saying they don’t know if they will buy more property, prefering a 'wait and see' approach.

Meanwhile, many of the 37% not intending to buy said they are content with their existing portfolio. In fact, 64% of those landlords don’t intend to sell any either.

All is revealed in Landbay’s latest quarterly survey which questions existing landlords on a range of topics to find out their attitude and intentions. The survey uncovered the key factors facing landlords and their thoughts on the future of the buy-to-let market.

Paul Brett, Landbay’s managing director, intermediaries said: “Rather than a ‘mass exodus’, this latest data shows a real statement of intent among landlords to not only maintain their existing portfolios but to expand. This is hugely encouraging given the myriad of challenges facing landlords and the wider buy-to-let sector.

“Landlords will be encouraged by the news of rates trickling down recently. With the new year bringing lots of positive indicators for the year, plus strong rental yields still reported by many respondents, landlords clearly have the confidence to push ahead with expansion plans.”

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