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24th April 2018

April may have come as a shock to many landlords for two reasons: the first is for anyone who bought a property on a two-year mortgage, ahead of the introduction of the additional 3% stamp duty...

23rd April 2018

New research released by home move comparison site,, has revealed that first time buyers are extremely confused about the different stages of the home-buying process, the...

23rd April 2018

New research has shown that "a generation of young people face the prospect of never owning their own home" and is calling for “radical reform” of renting in the UK.

23rd April 2018

“It was good while it lasted, but the golden age of the amateur landlord may be over” stated an article just a few months ago.

red tape
23rd April 2018

The Buy to Let property boom over the past decade has seen a flood of new landlords enter the market. But with over 145 individual laws and more than 400 regulations to follow, it’s surprisingly...

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