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17th August 2018

According to a recent report in The Sun, a formal decision will be given next week with regard to new laws around three-year tenancies with Community Secretary, James Brokenshire, backing the calls...

Leeds 377
16th August 2018

Leeds BS has announced that it has refreshed its range of two-year buy-to-let tracker products amid rumours that the next BBR rate is at least a year away.

Question 254
16th August 2018

It's easy to doubt the property market at the moment. Annual growth is currently at its lowest levels in five years. London, arguably the main driving force of the UK property market, is seriously...

Student 619
16th August 2018

The latest research by Totally Money has shown that buy-to-let landlords facing increased taxation and dwindling profits could find better yields in UK towns and cities with a high student population.

Tips 444
15th August 2018

Although UK rents are on the up, it’s a tricky time to be a landlord, with more legislation than ever to consider. As a result, many landlords are either turning to the professionals to help...

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