What eco improvements can add the most value to your home?

To mark this year’s Earth Day on 22nd April, Rated People has revealed that record numbers of homeowners are set to install energy-saving eco home improvements in 2022 in a bid to save money on their bills.

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Rozi Jones
19th April 2022
green home
"From smart meters to extra insulation, there are lots of things you can do to increase your home’s green credentials that will suit all budgets"

When looking at the volume of home improvement jobs posted on Rated People by UK homeowners, demand for eco home improvements has accelerated at an incredible pace.

Requests for roof insulation increased by 419% in 2021 when compared to the year before. Demand for at-home electric car charging points also increased by 404%, and considering last year saw the biggest annual increase in the number of electric car registrations in the UK, it’s easy to see why. Cavity wall insulation also went up by 352% and heat pumps saw demand rise by 312%.

Alongside the increases in demand for energy-saving home improvements, the research reveals more than half of UK homeowners (52%) want to make their homes more environmentally friendly this year to save money on bills, and one in three (36%) say they want to make eco upgrades to their home to make long-term financial savings.

Smart meters are the number one eco home improvement that the most homeowners would like in 2022, with one in five UK homeowners confirming they want to get one installed this year. Given the clarity and control that smart meters give homeowners when it comes to their energy usage, with energy prices increasing by around £700 a year on average, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners are keen to have one installed this year.

When looking at the top 10 most popular eco adaptions for this year, the research shows UK homeowners are keen to invest in eco home technology – one in five (19%) will be installing smart lighting, 18% are upgrading old appliances for newer more energy-efficient models, and one in six (18%) want to have solar panels installed.

The study also discovered how much value different eco home improvements can add to your home by asking potential buyers how much extra they would pay for a property with a range of different environmentally-friendly improvements.

Solar panels and wind turbines are revealed as the top two eco upgrades that are most valued by buyers – both of which would enable new owners to create their own energy, and in turn, could help to reduce the cost of their bills. Other highly prized eco adaptations include underfloor heating, heat pumps, green roofs and electric car charging points.

The top 15 eco home improvements that can add the most value to your home are:

1. Solar panels - £13,512 (value increase)
2. Wind turbine – £12,941
3. Triple glazing - £12,788
4. Underfloor heating - £12,290
5. Ground source heat pump - £12,251
6. Double glazing - £12,005
7. Extra insulation, like cavity wall insulation - £11,764
8. Biomass boiler - £11,756
9. Air source heat pump - £11,670
10. Solar water heating - £11,646
11. Electric car charging point - £11,538
12. Green/living roof - £11,477
13. Biodiverse garden – £11,444
14. Old appliances replaced with new ones - £11,190
15. Draught proofing - £11,151

Adrienne Minster, CEO of Rated People, commented: “Awareness around the importance of living more sustainably has never been higher, and it’s brilliant to see homeowners looking for ways to reduce their impact on the planet by making their homes more environmentally friendly.

"From smart meters to extra insulation, there are lots of things you can do to increase your home’s green credentials that will suit all budgets, including things you can do for free such as making your own compost which disposes of waste and improves the soil in your garden.”

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