Fall throughs hit UK buyers and sellers for over £880m in 2021

Property transaction collapses in 2021 saw UK homebuyers and sellers lose £880.4m - a rise of £74m against the previous year, according to newly released data from HBB Solutions.

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18th February 2022
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The firm analysed the number of property transactions to fall through on an annual basis, the cost of this collapse and how it compared to the previous year.

According to the figures, the average cost of this collapse is £2,700, with buyers and sellers incurring costs such as survey fees, conveyancing costs and the cost involved around certain mortgage arrangements. With an estimated 326,091 transactions failing to make it over the line in 2021, HBB Solutions estimates that the nation’s buyers and sellers lost out on a huge £880.4m as a result.

While we’ve been enjoying a property market boom during the pandemic, the downside of such heightened market activity is that the estimated number of fall throughs has climbed by 9.2% year on year.

This means that the cost of these collapsed transactions has also increased, up by £74m in a single year.

Chris Hodgkinson, Managing Director of HBB Solutions, commented: “One in every five property transactions will, unfortunately, fail to make it over the line and not only is this extremely frustrating for those involved, but it can see buyers and sellers incur a considerable cost, having already forked out for requirements such as surveys and conveyancing costs.

"Unfortunately an uplift in the number of transactions collapsing is the downside to the pandemic property market boom but there has been a silver lining to such a heightened level of demand.

"We’ve seen those properties that have endured a collapse manage to secure a new buyer at a very fast pace and often for a higher price than they were originally due to sell for. While this doesn’t make the cost incurred any easier to stomach, it does mean that they can push on with their sale and minimise the delay in moving.”

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