Case study: Atom bank completes £535,000 commercial mortgage deal within 37 days

The app-based bank was able to quickly complete the deal despite delays caused by unsigned documents.

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12th June 2024
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"We are committed to doing things differently at Atom bank, and the many improvements we have made to our commercial process mean that we are able to deliver funding to clients at speed"
- Neil Findlay - Atom bank

MHC Property Limited, an existing Atom bank customer, was looking to refinance a commercial investment property, tenanted by a funeral director, while taking on additional borrowing to cover the purchase of a new investment property.

Zoe Morgan, partner at South West Business Finance, looked at other options however most banks did not like the funeral business, leaving just one alternative deal on the table with a much less competitive rate.

Atom bank was able to get the deal over the line within an incredibly small time frame for a commercial mortgage, despite a series of minor issues such as a delay when documents were returned unsigned, which is testament to the work the bank has put into delivering a fast and flexible commercial mortgage process.

Despite these issues, Atom bank continued working in the background to push the case forward, ensuring that when the required documents were provided or signed, progress was possible. As a result, the case was able to move from the initial application on 26th February 2024 to completion on 16th April 2024.

Atom bank provided a £535,000 commercial mortgage at an LTV of 71% at a more competitive rate than was achievable with the other lenders the broker approached.

Zoe Morgan, partner at South West Business Finance, commented: “I recommended Atom bank to the client in part because of how speedy the service is, but even I was taken aback by how quickly we were able to get this case over the line.

“Atom bank is always very competitive on rate, but the service is getting better all the time. I used the Quick Quote tool to check if the deal could be done, before running it by Neil which was useful. From here, there was a genuine sense of collaboration, Atom bank and the solicitors worked together well, and everyone involved had the willingness to work to the tight deadline.

“I’ve never had a case complete this quickly. The client is absolutely delighted and keen to use Atom bank again for their future funding requirements.”

Neil Findlay, Regional Business Development Manager for the South of England, Atom Bank, said: “Commercial mortgages have long suffered from a protracted process, leaving both the broker and client frustrated and potentially out of pocket. We are committed to doing things differently at Atom bank, and the many improvements we have made to our commercial process mean that we are able to deliver funding to clients at speed.

"The combination of competitive pricing and a slick operation means we are well positioned to deliver for SMEs across the country, at a time when a number of the high street lenders are pulling back from deals like this.”

Anthony Jackson, Senior Commercial Originations Manager, added: “This case highlights the work that has gone into our commercial originations and underwriting team to build a strong service proposition that delivers results on a consistent basis. I am delighted to see this providing tangible results for our customers.

“We have a strong focus on understanding the anticipated completion date, what actions are needed to get us there and who can satisfy these. The teams are keen to proactively engage with all parties to progress any outstanding elements together, so if any individual issues do arise that would have historically resulted in a delay, there is progression in other areas to minimise any impact on overall completion timescales.”

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