Top tips for packing your home before your next house move

According to the latest estimates, the average home in the UK contains around £35k of contents. With all these belongings to consider, it's little wonder that moving home is widely regarded as one of life's most stressful events.

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5th August 2020

With the housing market returning to some semblance of normality and thousands predicted to take advantage of the stamp duty holiday, self-storage and removals experts at Space Station have shared their go-to tips for safe and efficient packing before a big move, to save time, money and stress.

Use what you have to keep costs down and save on space

To keep packing material costs to a minimum, use items you already have to pack your contents securely and safely. Wrapping glassware and china in large towels and securing with tape or string can ensure these items are transported safely, while also reducing the total number of boxes you have to move, which should bring removal costs down.

Triple check removal boxes are secure before moving

Don’t risk your carefully packed contents getting broken or damaged because they fall through the bottom of a box during the move. It’s always worth reinforcing the bottom of any heavily packed boxes with strong adhesive tape, to ensure that items won’t fall through.

Avoid using bin liners and plastic bags

We have all heard a horror story when it comes to moving house, one of the most frequent is somebody mistaking a bin liner packed with precious clothes for rubbish and throwing it out. Not only is using cardboard or reusable plastic boxes better for the environment, but it also reduces the likelihood of mistakes being made during the move and will better protect your belongings, as plastic bags can be easily snagged and damaged.

Bring in the experts

As tempting as it is to recruit a couple of friends and family members to help you move house, hiring a removal service is a good investment. They are experts in this industry and can make the move as efficient as possible. Removal experts will also have the correct equipment to move your house contents in a safe and secure way, which will likely reduce any associated stress on moving day. What’s more, most will offer some sort of cover or insurance for extra peace of mind.

Use vacuum storage bags

Investing in vacuum storage bags ahead of your move will be something you’ll never regret. They are perfect for transporting bulky material goods such as sofa cushions, duvets, and bedding, as they reduce them to less than half the size. These bags are also waterproof, will prevent dust from building up on your contents, and will prevent any snagging during the move. Using these products will ensure removal boxes can be saved for heavier goods, saving a massive amount of space in the removal van. What’s more, once the big move is complete, these bags can then continue to be used for storage in your new home.

Pack precious goods in a wheeled suitcase

When it comes to precious jewelry, photos, books, and other items such as family heirlooms - wrap them carefully in bubble wrap or towels and secure with strong adhesive tape. It's a great idea to pack such items in suitcases as opposed to boxes - this will ensure you can identify them easily during the move and if your suitcase has wheels, it will remove the need for lifting up and down, reducing the risks of a drop or fall.

Protect corners

The largest items in our home are usually the trickiest to move safely. It’s important to protect the corners of any large items of furniture being moved, as these are the most likely parts of to get scratched or cause damage to another piece of furniture or your home during the move, no matter how careful you are. Cardboard corner protectors are often cheap to buy, or as an alternative, use strong adhesive tape and bubble wrap.

Vlatka Lake, Marketing Manager at Space Station, commented: “Preparation and planning are the most important things movers can do when packing up their belongings into storage ready for a move. If this isn’t handled well, you’re at risk of added lots of unnecessary stress during something that should be exciting - not to mention the huge financial implications if your contents are damaged or destroyed during a move. These simple tips can help to ensure you don’t damage or lose any precious or pricey goods. Damaging them could leave you with a hefty bill in repairs or even replacing them completely.

“Ensuring you make time for the little things can vastly reduce the likelihood of damaging goods during the move. Consider removing light bulbs from standing lights and bedside lamps to protect the bulbs, and ensure lids are secure on cleaning products that you have likely had out whilst cleaning your previous home. Also, pack a box of essentials that you can open straight away in your new home making sure the kettle, tea bags, a few cups and pint of milk is included - everyone will thank you for this.”

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