Asking prices slip further as borrowing costs continue to inch up

The rising cost of borrowing has seen asking prices dip a further 0.4% since last month, with the year-on-year fall now at -1.8%, according to the latest data released by Home.

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14th September 2023
house prices 5's Asking Price Index for September shows that property values slipped for the second consecutive month, albeit not as sudden and profound as the drop seen in December 2022. Supply and demand are rebalancing in an orderly manner, with little or no panic-selling and no buyers' strike.

The typical time on the market for unsold property across England and Wales increased by four days during August - consistent with seasonal expectations. The current median is 84 days; in September 2019 the same measure was 96 days.

Residual demand and a strong rental market mean the market is not stagnating but marketing times are significantly higher than a year ago, during the final months of the post-COVID boom. However, the market retains suffi­cient momentum to indicate that the Typ­ical Time on Market for England and Wales is significantly lower than in either 2018 or 2019.

Stock levels of unsold property have risen overall but remained within the normal range for the seven years prior to the lockdowns. It remains to be seen whether unsold stock totals continue to rise later in the year although, given the low supply of new instructions and the relative strength of the rental sector, an overabun­dance scenario would appear unlikely in the short term.

Prices did not fall in all regions last month. The North East and Yorkshire both posted modest rises while Scotland added a whopping 1.4% to the mix-adjusted average. The northern regions, Wales and Scotland all continue to show the best price performance and elevated momen­tum (more than in pre-COVID years), thanks to considerable residual demand.

Rents continue their rapid rise in most English regions, Scotland and Wales, although there are signs of slight cooling in the Welsh and London markets. Overall, the mix-adjusted average annualised rise for the UK stands at 11.0%, while rent inflation in the North West now leads the regional growth table at 15.6%.

The annualised mix-adjusted average asking price growth across England and Wales remains at -1.8%; in September 2022, the annualised rate of increase of home prices was 4.6%.

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