£2.54m grant for empty homes approved for Caerphilly

Caerphilly County Borough Council is to take part in the Welsh Government National Empty Home Grant programme after approving proposals which will see £2.54 million used to return privately owned empty homes back into use.

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23rd February 2023
Caerphilly 823

Under the proposals, the total grant allocated per home sits at £25,000, enough to see 101 empty private homes brought back into use in the Caerphilly county borough, for the programme’s two-year duration between April 2023 – 25.

Welsh Government will allocate £2.31million to the Council, with Cabinet members approving an additional £231,000 in funding to support the grant and enable more owners of empty homes to bring their properties back into beneficial use.

Cllr Shayne Cook, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “The Council has a dedicated team in place who are working extremely hard to engage and support owners of empty homes. Long-term empty homes are not only a blight on local communities but also represent a wasted resource whilst we are in the midst of a national housing crisis.

“We’re grateful to Welsh Government for this funding allocation and also to my fellow Cabinet members for approving the additional money needed to really make a difference in tackling the issue of empty homes in the borough.”

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