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Your top 10 stories of 2017

10: Stamp Duty abolished: Property industry reacts

Back in March, much to the disbelief of the housing sector, Chancellor Phillip Hammond largely ignored property altogether, so all eyes were on him during the first Autumn statement in 20 years. As well as the usual promises of hundreds of thousands of new homes to be built, Mr Hammond gave a little hope to the UK's first-time-buyers by scrapping Stamp Duty on purchases up to £300,000.

9: Is no news good news?- Property industry reacts to Budget

...which brings us nicely to our number two story in the list. "Zip. Nada. Zilch… Nothing….". The property industry seethed as the Chancellor seemed to confirm that landlords and the housing sector remained in the Government's firing line by omitting any reference to reforming BTL taxes, or Stamp Duty changes, or addressing the housing shortage.

8: Tenant advised to break back into landlord’s property by Council

A story from November centred around a mind-boggling decision from Havering Council made it into our Top Ten and just goes to show why many Landlords are leaving the industry after losing confidence in the system. Sadly, I have a feeling that this is not the last time that a local council will view these cases with bureaucratic goggles on and fail to see the bigger picture.

7: Property industry reaction to election result

For reasons only known to her, Theresa May went on the mother of all power trips back in the summer and crashed in spectacular style. The Tories losing their majority in a crushing defeat at the hands of the British public was enough to send Jeremy Corbyn into a breast slapping frenzy in a night that also saw the Housing Minister lose his seat. As you can imagine, the property industry were quick to react and this is why it made our Top Ten.

6: Top tips to supercharge your kerb appeal

What is a Top Ten round up without some Top Tips? We publish many of these each year, but our runaway winner of 2017 was this one on how to make the outside of your house look like something on the cover of a magazine. In a year where for many, selling their home seemed like an impossible task, having the edge over the competition has never mattered more. These seven simple tips proved a hit back it March and secured their place in our list.

5: London prices falling down for first time in 8 years

With prices constantly rising in the capital a fall was always going to be on the cards. So back in September when Nationwide revealed that London was the weakest performing region for the first time since 2005, was it really a surprise? Perhaps not, however the news was sufficient enough to make it one of biggest stories of the year.

4: UK rents fall the first time in 8 years

Back in May, and to the delight of many tenants, UK rental price inflation fell for the first time since the financial crash. Falls were recorded in five regions including the capital in what was proving to be an especially difficult year for landlords. This was our number 7 on the list and dovetails nicely to...

3: Almost 50% of landlords plan to quit due to unfair tax change

Number 3 on the Top Ten of 2017 was the unsurprising news that almost half of the UK's landlords were considering leaving the sector due to the perceived sustained attack on them by the government. A survey taken shortly after the phasing out of tax relief for landlords in April revealed that two thirds said they felt stigmatised for running a rental business. As the year progressed, I wonder how many more felt the same?

2: 36% of us check the value of our friends properties

Perhaps the most surprising thing about number 2 on our list is the fact that 64% don't. Surely we've all done this at some point (I'm actually doing it now). Taking the concept of being a nosey neighbour that one step further, this piece back from February proves that we are indeed a nation obsessed with property.

1: Have we only seen the tip of the proptech iceberg?

As Noddy Holder quite fittingly urges us to "Look to the future now, it's only just begun..." in quite arguably the most classic Christmas record ever, so the future of proptech and its impact on the industry is just beginning to be realised. In this article from back in July, Patrick McCreesh, Managing Director of The Blackmore Group, gives his thoughts on proptech as a whole and his insight into how it will change the landscape of tomorrow's property sector. And what a fitting way to end our round up of 2017, with our eyes on the future.

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