Majority of UK homeowners are happy according to new report

15th September 2017

A new satisfaction survey conducted by David Wilson Homes has revealed that more than 80% of homeowners in the UK are satisfied with their current home and the location in which they live.

The survey, of more than 5,000 homeowners, revealed that 37% are extremely satisfied with their home and the location in which they live. A further 43% describe themselves as moderately satisfied, while only 4% consider themselves in any way dissatisfied.

Geographically, levels of satisfaction amongst homeowners are higher in rural areas, with 74% of those living in major cities being satisfied. This compares to an average of 80% in suburban and exurban environments and 84% of those living in rural towns and villages.

A spokesperson for David Wilson Homes said: “We launched the DWH Satisfaction Survey to gain a better understanding of the UK homeowner. It’s important for us to understand homeowner satisfaction levels and what influences this. Overall it’s encouraging to see that we are a nation of happily satisfied homeowners.”

The survey revealed homeowners are most satisfied with the features of their current home, with more than 70% satisfied with aspects such as the layout, number of bedrooms and off-road parking. Over 65% are satisfied with their local transport links, further aiding accessibility to family and friends living close by.

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