House price growth in the Premiership

House price growth in the Premiership

After several long months, the Premier League finally returns at the weekend and celebrates its 25th birthday on Tuesday.

The latest research by online estate agent,, takes a look at how some of the biggest footballing rivalries match up head to head where the property market is concerned.

In the last 25 years, the average UK house price has increased by 302%. Across the 20 teams playing in the top flight this year, the average house price reaches £272,447, with prices increasing on average by 4.55% since last season. Although Premier League property cost over £50,000 more than the UK average (£220,713), the higher price of property means price growth levels are marginally trailing the UK over the last year (4.67%).

Alternative Premier League Table

When looking at this year’s 20 Premier League teams where local house price growth is concerned, it’s Man United that returns to their former glory with the highest annual growth in the league at 8.58% and an average house price of £262,997.

Burnley struggled to stay up after promotion last year but where house price growth is concerned the Lancashire team are flying high, losing out on the top spot by the smallest of margins with prices having increased 8.57% in the last year. Despite this, Burnley is home to the most affordable property price in the league at just £77,525.

The North West also takes third place in the league with Man City seeing prices climb by 8.08%, Leicester flies the flag for the East Midlands with an increase of 7.76% and newly promoted Brighton performing well as the best team from the South with prices up by 7.12% annually.

Coincidentally, the two teams to open the footballing season in last week’s charity shield are also home to the lowest rate of price growth. A tough year for the London property market means Chelsea and Arsenal are the only two teams to see annual price growth slump below 1% (0.40%), with Newcastle heading straight back down in the third relegation spot (1.39%).

Arsenal vs Tottenham

Despite Arsenal seeing the lowest level of price growth in the league, rivals Tottenham have seen prices increase by 4.5% in the last year, handing them the bragging rights off the pitch at least. But with their temporary move to Wembley this year, it could be a different story at the end of the season, with Brent home of Wembley Stadium, having seen a growth of just 0.90% annually.

Elsewhere in London, West Ham’s new home at the London Stadium means they’ve enjoyed the second highest rate of growth of all the teams from the capital at 4.11%.

Crystal Palace vs Brighton

Crystal Palace has also enjoyed better growth than both Chelsea and Arsenal (3.46%), however, Brighton’s promotion revives one of the stranger footballing rivalries and the Seagulls come out on top with prices growing more than double that of Crystal Palace in the last year (7.12%).

Man United vs Liverpool

As already mentioned, although Man City is home to the cheaper average house price (£161,611), in the Manchester derby United enjoys the higher rate of growth (8.58% to 8.08%) enough to also beats bitter rivals Liverpool where annual growth is at just 3.55%.

South Coast Rivalry

Bournemouth and Southampton will face off in the Premier League again this season having drawn in their last encounter. It’s fairly close run where house price growth is concerned, with Bournemouth edging it at 5.26% in the last year to Southampton’s 4.18%.
But despite their fall from footballing grace, it’s Southampton’s traditional rivals Portsmouth that has enjoyed the best performance in property terms with prices having increased in the south coast town by 7.4% in the last year.

Newcastle vs Sunderland

There was no Tyne-Wear derby last season after Newcastle’s relegation to Championship the season before. But despite the Magpies winning promotion back to the top flight, the Black Cats were woeful last season and as a result will be applying their trade in the Championship this coming season. House price growth in the two areas mirrors their respective performances with Newcastle seeing prices creep up by 1.39% whilst Sunderland has seen prices fall by -3.30% in the last year.

Burnley vs Blackburn

Despite their fall to League One, Blackburn is still on top of Premier League rivals Burnley with prices up a huge 11.47% in the last year to Burnley’s 8.75%.

Cardiff vs Swansea

Although a league separates the two in footballing terms, Cardiff out performs Swansea in the Welsh derby for property price growth with prices up 5.80% to Swansea’s 4.46%.

Oxford vs Swindon

Again, one league currently separates old time rivals Oxford and Swindon and despite a price tag of £414,659, nearly double that of Swindon (£210,052), Oxford comes out on top in both football and property terms with prices up 6.40% annually to 6.05% in Swindon.

Russell Quirk, founder and CEO of, commented: “Although it’s unlikely the table will look like this at the end of the season, it does demonstrate that while there are pockets of the UK currently seeing a decline in price growth, there are also areas all over the nation enjoying very healthy increases in values.

It’s also interesting to see how rival areas are performing differently, particularly those in close proximity to each other. Although neighbours, Liverpool and Manchester are seeing different rates of growth, the higher end London clubs have seen prices stall whilst the capital’s peripheral teams are doing well, and Newcastle and Sunderland are seeing opposite fortunes in price growth terms.”

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