Overseas investment: 5 reasons to choose Cape Verde

Overseas investment: 5 reasons to choose Cape Verde

With just a few months until the opening of Llana Beach Hotel in Cape Verde, The Resort Group PLC has revealed that just a few properties are now left to buy.

The majority of the 601 luxurious hotel suites on the adult-only resort development have been snapped up by investors interested in high occupancy resorts that can deliver positive rental returns.  
The remaining properties start at €155,500 and are both elegant and stylish – guaranteed to make a fantastic rental property for holidaymakers in Cape Verde. Most notable is the duplex suite, which is available to purchase for €238,000. Set over two floors, the suite has a balcony with a Jacuzzi that offers panoramic views across the resort and the ocean.

Looking for a new property investment? The Resort Group PLC shares five facts about the property market in the archipelago.

1. Cape Verde tourism is thriving. The actual and forecast growth in the number of tourists visiting the islands is creating a high demand for rental property from private villas right through to beachfront holiday resorts. For as long as people continue to travel to Cape Verde, which the World Travel & Tourism Council reports, the buy-to-let property market will continue to grow.

2. Most properties are situated in resorts. While there are some small boutique and independent hotels, the majority of holiday properties in Cape Verde are located on self-contained resorts. Big players like Meliá Hotels international are capitalising on the demand for high quality accommodation on the islands.

3. Cape Verde is protected from overdevelopment. As with some overseas property markets, there is the potential for overdevelopment in the future, and a destination can lose its original charm and appeal, resulting in less demand and an excess of supply. The Cape Verdean government however has strict legislation in place that only allows low level and low density projects to proceed, which protects the look and feel of the Islands, and restricts the number of properties that can be built.

4. Management schemes are available to increase investment success. By signing up to a buy-to-let management scheme, investors are supported on all aspects of running an overseas property from advance holiday bookings through to property maintenance. Those buying a property on a resort run by a well-known operator can join a hotel management scheme which offers the same benefits and more. Such resorts are marketed on a global scale through travel agents and tour operators, meaning their properties are more likely to see high occupancy levels.

5. Sal is the most popular island for property investment. The success of the holiday property market in Cape Verde is largely driven by the increasing number of visitors to Sal. Two of the island’s largest resorts, MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort and MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, have attracted over a million tourists combined. Some property developers are now looking to build resorts on the island of Boa Vista, which is earmarked to become a new overseas property investment hotspot.

Rich Moore, UK Sales Director at The Resort Group PLC, said: “All of our suites come fully furnished to the highest possible specification and our range of furniture has been approved by our hotel management partner, Meliá Hotels International. Combined with the unrivalled views and activities that Cape Verde offers, Llana Beach Hotel will provide guests with the most indulgent and unforgettable holiday experience – which in turn means investors can be sure their property will deliver the rental returns they would expect of a high quality hotel.”

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Kelvin Lloyd
Kelvin Lloyd 09 Oct 2017

IT is up, to the Planners. If they will only give permission for bungalows on certain (suitable) sites, they will be built.

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maggie swift
maggie swift 09 Oct 2017

It's just the beginning of the shocking rise.

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maggie swift
maggie swift 09 Oct 2017

I have recently read that the bungalows can provide social housing for elderly residents in London.

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zoe glover
zoe glover 05 Oct 2017

Update! Worst company I have ever dealt with. Undervalued a Cambridge property by over 100k, wont take on any evidence of valuation including a RICS valuation done 3 years ago for the very same value...

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Paul Edwards
Paul Edwards 27 Sep 2017

Its nonsense articles such as this that make it harder to get clients to realise just how difficult the market is out there. When you see Rightmove and there are more 'price reduced' then 'new' most days...

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Tom Allen
Tom Allen 20 Sep 2017

Absolutely agree with you!

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RyanGeo 18 Sep 2017

A sharp correction would be a less dramatic expression to use. That is already underway in certain sectors in Reading where I practice as Chartered Surveyor

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sean benton
sean benton 01 Sep 2017

Identity theft is a thread for any profession. So,people should stay alarmed. I once take help from a letting agent and came to know that letting agents are taking every precaution to prevent fraudulent...

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Mark N.
Mark N. 30 Aug 2017

We have seen a surge in instructions over August and that should continue into September too.

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Chris 30 Aug 2017

Unfortunately, all the legislation bears its force on Landlords and ignores, naively, the effect of Rogue Tenants on the ability of landlords to keep houses in repair and offer properties for rent at reasonable...

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Christian Donovan
Christian Donovan 18 Aug 2017

The write-down on house values, combined with the fall in the GBP saddled the fund?s property portfolio with a 1.4% loss in the second quarter. The shocking amount of $240 million.

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Samantha Goodman
Samantha Goodman 11 Aug 2017

Interesting point of view.

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