Principality to help plug loan gap for registered social landlords

Principality to help plug loan gap for registered social landlords

Principality Building Society’s Commercial team has agreed to provide £50m in loans to housing associations in Wales.

Welsh housing associations plan to build 13,000 affordable homes by 2021 to meet the 20,000 affordable homes strategy set by the Welsh Government. Principality Commercial has supported affordable and social housing schemes in the past, including the Mill at Canton, plus several phases for the Welsh Housing Partnership.

Between them these two initiatives alone should see almost 1,500 affordable homes developed. In additio, the Society has committed £150m to housing associations across Wales. 

Peter Hughes, Managing Director of Principality Commercial, said: “We want to help fund social housing in Wales as there is no doubt there is a shortage of affordable homes in many of our communities. It is important that businesses such as ourselves remain a flexible and supportive lender, responding constructively to market challenges.

“The funding landscape has changed significantly over the last few years but we believe we should lead by example and show that there is more than one way funds for social housing can be made available. European Investment Bank have played a key role in Wales in the past with infrastructure and long term funding and whilst we can’t commit to providing 30 year loans like the EIB, we believe our offer of 15 years plugs a real gap in the banking market.

“In particular, it can be challenging for some housing associations to access 30 to 40 year capital markets funding whereas the banking market is very much focused on shorter dated facilities of five to seven years. There has already been considerable interest in our proposals from the sector and we are in advanced discussions with several bodies. This commitment to social housing projects remains consistent with our approach in recent years. ”

Stuart Ropke, Chief Executive of Community Housing Cymru, said: “We welcome this vote of confidence for the Welsh housing association sector. Funding commitments such as this initiative from Principality will help our members to deliver the new homes Wales needs to meet the Welsh Government’s 20,000 affordable homes target. Injecting funding into the affordable housing sector also provides a proven boost for the wider Welsh economy. Our latest economic impact report found that Welsh housing associations contributed almost £2bn to the economy in 2015/16, with 89% of that £2bn retained in Wales.”

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Scott Garnet
Scott Garnet 06 Nov 2017

If you have a patio or a porch it is important to make sure that any connecting doors are secured. Good advice for sliding glass doors is replacing the panels with storm resistant glass and getting heavier...

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richardrawlings 01 Nov 2017

What has not been mentioned here is the effect of not only higher interest payments, but also that these payments are less likely to be offsettable as a business cost due to the scaling back of mortgage...

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Kelvin Lloyd
Kelvin Lloyd 09 Oct 2017

IT is up, to the Planners. If they will only give permission for bungalows on certain (suitable) sites, they will be built.

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maggie swift
maggie swift 09 Oct 2017

It's just the beginning of the shocking rise.

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maggie swift
maggie swift 09 Oct 2017

I have recently read that the bungalows can provide social housing for elderly residents in London.

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zoe glover
zoe glover 05 Oct 2017

Update! Worst company I have ever dealt with. Undervalued a Cambridge property by over 100k, wont take on any evidence of valuation including a RICS valuation done 3 years ago for the very same value...

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Paul Edwards
Paul Edwards 27 Sep 2017

Its nonsense articles such as this that make it harder to get clients to realise just how difficult the market is out there. When you see Rightmove and there are more 'price reduced' then 'new' most days...

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Tom Allen
Tom Allen 20 Sep 2017

Absolutely agree with you!

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RyanGeo 18 Sep 2017

A sharp correction would be a less dramatic expression to use. That is already underway in certain sectors in Reading where I practice as Chartered Surveyor

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sean benton
sean benton 01 Sep 2017

Identity theft is a thread for any profession. So,people should stay alarmed. I once take help from a letting agent and came to know that letting agents are taking every precaution to prevent fraudulent...

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Mark N.
Mark N. 30 Aug 2017

We have seen a surge in instructions over August and that should continue into September too.

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Chris 30 Aug 2017

Unfortunately, all the legislation bears its force on Landlords and ignores, naively, the effect of Rogue Tenants on the ability of landlords to keep houses in repair and offer properties for rent at reasonable...

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