What is the current number one priority for house hunters?

22nd October 2015

The UK property market is a minefield at the best of times for those looking to take their first step on the property ladder as well as existing homeowners moving up. The latest research has revealed the top priorities potential buyers look for when house hunting.

A study of 1,000 UK homeowners by interiors retailer, revealed that ample storage space was the number one priority – with 26% claiming this is most important to them.
The research, which looked in to the top features homebuyers look for when purchasing a new house, found 1 in 4 wouldn’t buy a house due to its lack of storage space.
Cosmetic appeal such as fitted kitchen and bathrooms that suit the buyers taste was the second most important aspect, with 23% of respondents saying that finding a house that needs little to no cosmetic work at all was the most important to them.
More than 1 in 5 (21%) of those surveyed said that a home with off-road parking such as a driveway or a private garage was the most important aspect, while ample garden or outdoor space was the most important to 16% of homeowners.
14% of homeowners said having a second toilet in the home was their biggest priority.
Mark Kelly, marketing manager at comments: “Buying a home is the biggest investment an adult will make in their lifetime, so finding something that meets the needs and wants of the buyer is so important. Whether it’s a first time buyer, or a seasoned property developer looking for their next business opportunity, it takes time and lots of patience.
What’s interesting from these findings is the amount of adults who say that a lack of storage space would deter them from buying a house. However, the property market in the UK means that some buyers can’t afford to be so choosy, but also that those selling need to enhance the space they have wherever possible.

Kelly adds: “There are ways that those who are looking to sell can make the most of limited storage space in their homes, such as built in storage solutions and decluttering the home to give the impression of more space”.

19% of UK homeowners claim they have viewed a property in the past and have decided against it due to its lack of storage.

And, with research carried out by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors showing that UK homebuyers face £3.6million in unexpected repair bills those looking to buy a home should look to save money wherever possible. has provided some top tips for making the most of limited storage space:

- Built-in storage solutions such as fitted wardrobes or shelving inside the boiler cupboard mean that clothes and towels can be stored away easily.
- Furniture that offers both storage and decoration such as an ottoman at the end of the way are a great way to add style and storage space to the home
- Cluttered homes can often give the impression that a house has limited storage space. Tidy shoes and coats away in to either a cupboard, or a shoe and coat rack.
- Make use of alcoves in the home by fitting in a dresser, bookshelf or cabinet to make best use of the often unusable space.
- Fitted appliances such as microwaves and fridge/freezers allow for more space in kitchen.

The top five priorities for homeowners when hunting for a new property are as follows.

1)    Ample storage space – 26%
2)    Cosmetic appearance – 23%
3)    Off-road parking – 21%
4)    Ample garden or outdoor space –16%
5)    Downstairs bathroom/toilet – 14%

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