How much could a disastrous New Years Eve party cost?

How much could a disastrous New Years Eve party cost?

The latest research by online estate agent reveals the sizable bill that could amount to a minimum of £1,062 on top of your pre-planned party budget of £480, if things do not go as planned when hosting a New Year’s Eve gathering.

Before the champagne pops, there is a certain amount of planning involved for hosting the celebration of the year; most importantly, a budget. The obvious costs associated with a party of such grandeur include: an outfit (£100), drinks (£100), snacks (£50), decorations (£30) and a DJ to keep the mood going (£200). But what hosts do not realise when they invite people into their home are the additional expenses that can be incurred on top of this already hefty party cost.

On the flip side, below are the number of unwanted and unforeseen costs accumulated from a party can more than triple the initial budget. The simplest cost: breakage. This can range in price depending on the damage, but can build up an extensive bill and this is only the beginning. It is £175 to fix a broken lock, £175 to fix a broken banister and £114 to fix a single broken window. Any broken furniture or ornaments can increase the price drastically, subject to what is broken and if it needs to be replaced. Electronics will hike that bill up.

In the unfortunate situation that a new set of bedding is required, a basic replacement will cost £158. Hiring a plumber to unblock a toilet has a price tag of £80 and carpet cleaners start at £55. There is also a range when it comes to hiring landscaping professionals to fix damaged gardens, the bill will come to £105 for three hours.

A noise complaint from neighbours can lead to a ticket, which if it goes unanswered, could have a fine costing between £50-£5,000. The legal implications from there can spiral out of control. Finally, stolen goods are priceless. This cost can be both financial and emotional, and puts a damper on the whole evening and the new year.

The majority of these costs are paying for the tradesman’s time. The materials are inexpensive, but most of these jobs required a skilled worker and that costs money. In addition, a fine for noise, which starts at £50, could jump to a £5,000 fine or an Anti-Social Behaviour charge, if the noise persists after a warning. Although such extreme measures are only used in severe cases, it must be noted that both the fines and the charges are left to the discretion of the police.

When the clock strikes midnight and a fresh year begins, you do not want to be worrying about the extortionate cost that you could be paying off the entire year because of things going sour at your house party.

Russell Quirk, founder and CEO of, had this to say: “Parties are great fun, and it is amazing to ring in the new year with a bunch of friends in one room. But when it comes to all the things that could go wrong, a party seems less appealing when there are plenty of venues to host such an event.

I hope that both hosts and partygoers are mindful when they go out this New Year’s Eve, and that damage costs are minimal.”

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Kelvin Lloyd
Kelvin Lloyd 09 Oct 2017

IT is up, to the Planners. If they will only give permission for bungalows on certain (suitable) sites, they will be built.

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maggie swift
maggie swift 09 Oct 2017

It's just the beginning of the shocking rise.

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maggie swift
maggie swift 09 Oct 2017

I have recently read that the bungalows can provide social housing for elderly residents in London.

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zoe glover
zoe glover 05 Oct 2017

Update! Worst company I have ever dealt with. Undervalued a Cambridge property by over 100k, wont take on any evidence of valuation including a RICS valuation done 3 years ago for the very same value...

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Paul Edwards
Paul Edwards 27 Sep 2017

Its nonsense articles such as this that make it harder to get clients to realise just how difficult the market is out there. When you see Rightmove and there are more 'price reduced' then 'new' most days...

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Tom Allen
Tom Allen 20 Sep 2017

Absolutely agree with you!

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RyanGeo 18 Sep 2017

A sharp correction would be a less dramatic expression to use. That is already underway in certain sectors in Reading where I practice as Chartered Surveyor

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sean benton
sean benton 01 Sep 2017

Identity theft is a thread for any profession. So,people should stay alarmed. I once take help from a letting agent and came to know that letting agents are taking every precaution to prevent fraudulent...

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Mark N.
Mark N. 30 Aug 2017

We have seen a surge in instructions over August and that should continue into September too.

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Chris 30 Aug 2017

Unfortunately, all the legislation bears its force on Landlords and ignores, naively, the effect of Rogue Tenants on the ability of landlords to keep houses in repair and offer properties for rent at reasonable...

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Christian Donovan
Christian Donovan 18 Aug 2017

The write-down on house values, combined with the fall in the GBP saddled the fund?s property portfolio with a 1.4% loss in the second quarter. The shocking amount of $240 million.

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Samantha Goodman
Samantha Goodman 11 Aug 2017

Interesting point of view.

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