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25th March 2015

Scott Hendry, director at Auction Finance, discusses the growing popularity of HMOs and gives some top tips for potential investors to consider.

19th February 2015

Earlier this month, Brian Lloyd-Jones, the fund director of Unite Students, pointed out that due to its value of between £2billion and £3billion, the student accommodation market can no longer be...

5th February 2015

Excellent buying conditions are luring Britons back into overseas property, explains Clare Nessling from Conti, the overseas mortgage specialist.

28th January 2015

The latest research from LMS has revealed that nearly a quarter of homeowners who chose to remortgage in December, increased the size of their loan by £1000 to either pay off debts or spend...

23rd January 2015

Almost every day a new slab of fresh, hot, steaming house price data is plopped out into the mass media for us all to try and decipher, often contradicting the previous days enigma.

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