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3rd January 2017

No one can deny that 2016 was anything other than a freak show. An almost never ending surreal dream of celebrity deaths, political explosions and Marmite drama.

31st August 2016

Auctions are an excellent way to quickly snap up a property, whether you’re investing in a buy-to-let property, looking for a renovation project or purchasing your own home. What’s more, the...

21st July 2016

A great deal of uncertainty surrounds the building survey report. When do you need one and when don't you need one? How much does it cost? Who should it be conducted by? Once you've got one, what...

11th March 2016

Many years ago, when me and my Mrs first started looking for a flat to rent together, our only experience of dodgy landlords was my even dodgier impression of Rigsby from Rising Damp.

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